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Program Structure

The GOC Communication Committee operates the Mentorship Program. The contact email for the program is

Mentoring and coaching programs have been shown to aid in the success of new physicians as they transition to practice. In particular, benefits have been seen in the areas of improved resilience and wellness, confidence in clinical decision making and earlier academic promotion.

The purpose of the GOC Mentorship Program is threefold. Firstly, mentees will be provided valuable support that will assist them in their long-term career development. Secondly, established staff gynecologic oncologists will be provided with opportunities to make a positive impact on the career development of their junior colleagues by sharing their professional experiences and expertise and further develop their own leadership skills. Lastly, the GOC is expected to benefit from increased membership engagement and development of future organization leaders.

Matching Process

All mentor/mentee pairings will be devised by hand by a small sub-group of the GOC Communication Committee. Depending on the number of interested applicants for both the mentee and mentor roles, a match may not be possible. In the instance of non-match, the individual will be notified and placed on a waitlist.

Meeting Requirements

  • Each mentor/mentee pairing will arrange a mutually agreeable time to meet once every three months. The onus will fall on the mentee to initiate contact with the mentor, but not necessarily to maintain contact and/or the mentorship relationship.
  • Additional virtual or in person meetings may be arranged on an ad hoc basis.
  • GOC events are a wonderful opportunity to arrange a time to talk and/or meet.
  • Additionally, each mentor/mentee may choose to communicate via text, phone, or email between formal meetings.

Mentorship Team Issues

If there are issues or concerns within the mentor/mentee pair or a desire to rematch, please contact

Program Evaluation

The Mentorship Program will be subject to ongoing evaluation, including the measurement of:

1. Subjects discussed, and time spent on goal setting in formal meetings
2. Level of satisfaction and feedback from the mentors about the program
3. Level of satisfaction and feedback from the mentees about the program

This data will be used to improve the program in subsequent years. Additionally, the goal of the GOC Communication Committee is to publish program evaluation after two years of implementation. All mentors & mentees will be expected to complete any necessary evaluation forms.


Participation in the mentorship program is solely for the purposes of good faith guidance. The mentor/mentee relationship is an informational resource to voluntarily discuss professional and career development. The mentorship relationship should not be perceived or relied upon to obtain employment, career advancement or for other business, financial or legal purposes.


The GOC Communication Committee would like to thank Dr. Stella Yiu, from the Department of Emergency Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital, for providing advice and insight into mentorship program development. The Ottawa Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine, Physician Mentorship Program guide was used to develop the outline of the GOC Mentorship Program.